North West Province, South Africa – World Cup 2010, Big 5 & Sun City

The North West Province of South Africa is situated in the western Magaliesberg and provides plenty to see and do in the popular holiday destinations such as Rustenburg.

Rustenburg, which translated literally means “town of rest”, is the third oldest town of the former Transvaal Province. The city has been chosen as one of the host cities for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 and will be staging games at the 40,000 Royal Bafekong Stadium previously used for the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Just half an hour’s drive from here will find you at the glamorous Sun City complex and its enormous range of leisure options. The complex providing an excellent combination of golf, game and gambling, as well as world class hotels, is the perfect choice for any holiday in South Africa. Close by the Pilanesberg Game Reserve provides travellers an excellent chance of spotting the “Big Five”.

To appreciate the history of this area then you should visit Mafikeng and in particular its museum, which has exhibits relating to the Siege of Mafeking, the Barolong people and San (Bushmen) which are interesting. In addition, the pretty towns of Lichtenburg, Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom are of particular interest.

At the Pilanesberg National Park, you will discover the crater of a long extinct volcano with an amazing alkaline complex created from activity over 1290 million years ago. This is one of the largest volcanic complexes in the world and its rare rock structure and type make it a unique geological feature. This area has survived ages of erosion and can be seen high above the surrounding bushveld plains. It is possible to see the early existence of man in the numerous Stone and Iron Age sites throughout the park.

On the parks undulating hills and stretching open plains, you can get a glimpse of the ‘Big Five’, an abundance of animals and over 360 bird species. As well as the ‘Big Five’ you may also spot the nocturnal brown hyena, cheetah, hippo, crocodile and even sable.

Kingdoms of Camelot Tutorial – How to Build a Fourth City

Kingdoms of Camelot is a challenging game of strategy and teamwork. It is a free online game that will keep players actively engaged.

The player is given one city and must follow a series of quests to grow the population, the resources, the armies and knights. Wildernesses must be captured and defended while buildings and protection from enemies must remain a priority. It is not easy to balance the many demands of the game. Players early in the game will face wildly different challenges than those who have a few cities.

Once the first city is growing well, players may set their goals to build a second one. A second city will allow for twice as many resources, a larger army, and more power in the kingdom. It is about this time that players should seriously consider joining alliances to mutually protect each other from larger, more aggressive players.

With the advent of the third city, players had to actively conquer level 5 (and higher) wildernesses to try and loot the elusive Crests. A certain number of these crests had to be looted and turned in for the quest to give the Third City Deed.

Recently, the game developers released a significant change to Kingdoms of Camelot. Along with changes to the marketplace and enhanced graphics, players were given the opportunity to earn a deed to their Fourth City. Again, players had to conquer level 5 through level 10 wildernesses to try and find the Crests that were needed for this Fourth City Deed.

Casinos in Atlantic City

Atlantic City casinos are now considered in league with the fabulous resorts of Las Vegas. Though they are separated by many miles, both look to families as the way to woo in new money. It is not about winning the jackpot anymore though that is always a perk. No, it is about luxury, dining and entertainment found only within the city limits. Skill and chance give way to buffets and swimming pools.

Atlantic City casinos have not been around as long as their Western cousins but have not has as tarnished an image. Gambling was not legalized in Atlantic City casinos until 1976 and was not the premier destination resort that one thought of when wanting to do a little black jack gambling or trying a run at the cards. Atlantic City was known initially as a resort town for families. The Boardwalk was a place where the whole family could frolic in the sun and enjoy novelties such as shaved ice and cone’s. Everyone wanted a piece of Boardwalk, as evident by Monopoly’s fame and high dollar real estate.

With legalized gambling it brought larger interest from the world. Atlantic City casinos were the sister establishments of those found in Las Vegas. Bally’s, Caesar’s, Harrah’s and the Hilton are just some of the names found in both cities. But it was the establishments of such names as Trump’s Taj Mahal, Plaza and Marina that set Atlantic City casinos apart. The gambling best in the world began finding their way into tournaments designed to draw attention and tourism to boost the local economy.

Atlantic City casinos do have one distinct edge over Las Vegas casinos. Las Vegas has not always been kid friendly. It was an adult destination and certainly not the type of place that would welcome children with open arms. Atlantic City has the advantage of already being a resort town. By adding legalized gambling, it draws in families as well as the adults looking to get away on vacation.

New Jersey is an ideal location for tourism. With New York and Washington D.C. a short trip away it means that they can draw on the tourism industry of those cities to bring customers their way. A gambling license can ensure that and many places have tried to capitalize on the same marketing ideas, such as Reno, but none have had the success that Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos have been able to pull off.