WoW Zombie Infestation

If you are a World of Warcraft player, you are probably interested in learning about and understanding the “Zombie Infestation” that seems to be related to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. There is no doubt that you have probably been “cursed” or you are noticing that you are unable to cast spells and perform other basic abilities in the game that you once were able to. This has erupted since the eve of October 22nd 2008 when an apocalypse of zombies invaded the realms and started their personal onslaught to World of Warcraft players everywhere. Known as the “Zombie Infestation”, the “Scourge Invasion” or more simply as “The Plague”, the disease is spreading! The question is, will you survive it?

The zombies are in every location in your realm…crates that are loaded down with this destructive disease are located in various cities around the cities that are part of the ever-popular “Azeroth” continent. Plague roaches are crawling in the depths of the shadows, over the hills, and through the places where players visit most! The disease is spreading by the infectious crates, the zombies that are lurking in every corner, and the plague roaches that are being killed! If you are infected with the disease, and are transformed into a zombie, you should know that the only cure for the plague to end is to meet an untimely and unfortunate death!

Millions of World of Warcraft players are fighting off vicious, flesh consuming zombies as you read this. As they fight to protect the character that they have become, the disease is infecting them and transforming THEM into a zombie! The zombies that are attacking can be a part of your faction, or even the faction in opposition. There are no rules when it comes to this massive sickness. This plague is expected to continue for quite some time. While there are some players who are enjoying the change to the often repetitive game, other players are becoming quite frustrated with the fact that they cannot play the game as they once did, and that they are affecting others in their Guilds, the parties that they are part of, and individuals in their faction.

If you develop this sickness, there will be many things that you will find that you will no longer be able to do. You know all of those NPCs that once considered you to be a friend? They were friendly, greeted you, and welcomed you…well; now, they will consider you to be a threat, an enemy. While you are able to cast spells, it will not be the spells that you are able to. The abilities that you have? Forget all about them! The new spells and abilities that you will have will be due to your new position as a flesh consuming, vicious zombie in World of Warcraft. If you know a player who can cast “Cure Disease” you are in luck! In addition to this, there are many special healers that are NPCs in the cities. Unfortunately, if you experience the transformation of a zombie, the only way to rid yourself of the disease is to die….

The bad news is, you can get infected over and over again.

There is a little good news in light of all this chaos…

First, when you are a zombie, you are considered to be friendly among all other zombies. It does not matter if you run into a Horde as an Alliance character, if both of you are zombies, you are considered to be on the same side. In all actuality, this allows “cross faction communication” as one player explained it. In addition to this, zombies can trade with one another! It does not matter if you are Horde, and they are Alliance (in the natural state), you can still trade items! That can be a super sweet advantage to the infectious and widespread disease. Last but not least, this is considered to be a “World Event”, so if you see that old Guild leader that booted you for no reason…you can blast him with the sickness and get your revenge!

All in all, that’s about it when it comes to the “Zombie Infestation” that seems to be part of the World of Warcraft teaser for Wrath of the Lich King. Based on forums, news releases, and other information gathered while writing this particular guide to the recent terror striking the ten million World of Warcraft players around the world, it seems that this infection is intentional and is not a program glitch like the virus plague that affected players in the year of 2005. As a matter of fact, developers and other individuals who work to create World of Warcraft and maintain it almost seem as if they are quite pleased with the infestation and the player craze that it is creating.

When it comes to the future of Azeroth, it does not look pretty. It almost seems as if what we are seeing is a small part of the large scale zombie invasion and plague spread that we are likely to see in upcoming weeks. If you keep trying to log out and log back in to toggle the switch to “off” with this infestation and plague, give it up. From here, you must not only protect the city from the opposing faction, and all the weird creatures that sweep, crawl, swim, and roam the land, but you must protect it from the spread of the disease and infestation, and overcome the challenge by learning how to face the challenge of overcoming the sickness. That is, unless, you are down with the sickness and want to wreck havoc among all the players on your realm…

Which side will you take?

WoW Skinning – The Masters of Anatomy

Skinning is one of the fastest and easiest professions to level. The first step towards levelling this profession is finding the Skinning trainer. A Skinning trainer can be found in any of the Azeroth’s capital cities and also in some of the major cities all over the world map.

With this profession you can gather leather, hide and scales by skinning mobs you come across. However, you cannot skin all types of mobs and the best types of mobs suitable for skinning are beasts. Note that not all beasts can be skinned either, in example birds.

How to skin a certain mob?

When you grind mobs for skinning, the first thing you should to do is take the loot. After looting a mob you will see a skinning pointer when you rollover the mob with your mouse pointer. If the level of a mob is suitable for you your Skinning skill will raise. As with levelling so it is with Skinning, mobs of a lower level will not skillup your Skinning while the ones of a higher level will.

Skinning equipment

Skinning doesn’t require some particular equipment. However, every skinner needs a skinning knife. Any general goods trader has this knife for sale as well as any or profession related trader who can be found close to the Skinning trainer.

There are also special knives for skinning that have a bonus to give you for your skill. These knives are Finkle’s Skinner (Upper Blackrock Spire) and Zulian Slicer ( Zul’Gurub).

There is also an enchanting formula available – Enchant Gloves – Skinning formula that will give +5 on your Skinning skill and another one that will give +10.

Combination of Leatherworking and Skinning

Leatherworking is one of the primary professions that needs a lot of Skinning products like scales and hides in order to progress. Without the Skinning products, Leatherworking will be completely impossible to skilup. You can either purchase leather on the AH or pair your Leatherworking profession with Skinning.

Leather products are not only a need for Leatherworking profession. Leather is also used with Blacksmithing, Engineering and Tailoring.

Can I profit with Skinning?

Leather is easy to farm and therefore we can make a conclusion that Skinning is profitable. Mobs suitable for skinning can be found everywhere and even if you are just skinning lower level mobs you can still sell them nicely on the Auction House. For players that are higher level it is also quite easy to grind leather of all levels.

Classes suitable for Skinning

When it comes to the choice of professions, each player should choose professions he finds interesting, even though in general, Skinners and Leatherworkers are usually found in classes who can wear leather, such as Rogues or Druids. There are also many Hunters with this combo of professions simply because they are fast grinders.

What is Master of Anatomy?

In the Wrath of the Lich King Skinners were presented with a new ability – Master of Anatomy. This is a very useful ability that will rise together with your skinning skill level and will grant you a nice bonus on the critical strike rating. The maximum of Master of Anatomy ability is +40 on the crit when you have your Skinning profession on its maximum (450).

If you want to get the most out of Skinning as a WoW Profession, then check out our WoW Skinning Guide for more on leveling your character and making tons of Gold, plus a video review of Dugi’s Dailies and a link to Penn’s Professions Guide, one of the most comprehensive and coolest World of Warcraft Professions Guides available.

Explore Old West Colorado

Before the volcanic blast that formed these famous mountains, the area was tropical. Dinosaurs roamed the area. Palms and ferns were the flora of the time.

Early cavemen ventured into the U.S. from the land bridge across the Bering Strait connecting present day Russia to Alaska. These people populated the western region of the U.S. and evolved into our Native American founders.

Fast forward thousands of years. Spanish explorers visited the territory in search of gold and other riches.

Next came the French. They were expanding their hold in undiscovered U.S. west of the Mississippi. Then American explorers traveled west to map out their new acquisition from the French, the Louisiana Purchase.

Other Americans moved west from colonial U.S. to find their adventures. Mountain men who ventured into the Colorado territory decided to live in this rugged land. French fur trappers came to the territory for the beaver pelts that were so sought after for hats, coats and furs for rich folks.

A man named Zebulon Pike explored central Colorado and discovered the famous mountain that bears his name. Mr. Pike opened up the Colorado Territory to further exploration. Many were searching for riches just like the Spanish a few hundred years before.

And they found it. The gold rush was on in Colorado. Thousands raced from the east to make their fortune with the slogan “Pikes Peak or Bust” on their lips or painted on their wagons. Towns that you now know today, such as Denver, Aspen, Leadville, were once tent cities set up around gold strikes.

With the fledgling towns established, lawlessness, gambling, houses of ill repute and outlaws invaded the gold rush scene. Many old west legends made Colorado a stopping point on their travels to other parts of the established west.

When the gold finally was mined out, gold miners either left the area to head back east or stayed on the plains of Colorado to farm the land. Some hearty souls joined wagon trains heading west, because our new country was suddenly getting larger and more people were expanding into the territory.

With the influx of these new residents, the original owners of the land, the Native Americans, were being pushed off of their property.

The Indians retaliated against this encroachment and bloody battles between them and the U.S. government occurred.

By the turn of the century, 1899, Colorado was fairly well settled and established as a state. So you can see, in such as short span of time, Colorado was a part of the wild west legend in a very big way.

When you come to visit, think about where you are walking, or the mountains you are taking pictures of.

Hundreds of years ago, the first explorers were looking at exactly the same thing, walking in the same area. Definitely gives you a sense of perspective.

Superenalotto – Italian Flavored Lotto

Superenalotto is Italy’s incarnation of the classic lotto game. Boiled down to its specifics, the game allows gamblers to bet on a combination of numbers from the number 6 to 90. This is essentially a super lottery, with the jackpot reaching up to as much as EUR 68,900,000 (from the original jackpot prize EUR1,300,000). With over 90 numbers to choose from, the odds of winning in the Superenalotto lottery are high. Just like in any other lotto game, to increase your chances at wining at Superenalotto requires a bit of Mathematical skill. It is a 90-ball lottery game where the object of the game is to match the six numbers that are picked out of every draw. Gamblers who are able to match all six numbers win the jackpot.

Your Chances At Winning With The Superenalotto

Since it a six-number entry system, there are little options for increasing your chances at winning. You can simply to stick to one combination until all probabilities are exhausted. In general, you have higher chances of winning with 15-number entry systems rather than six-number entry systems.

The Price For Superenalotto

However, 15-number entry systems tend to be expensive. Thankfully, with Superenalotto, you can make two bets for just one Euro if you are buying from any accredited ticketing agent in locations across Europe. The price is relatively peanuts when you consider the amount of money that you can possibly win, which could add up to millions of Euro money.

How To Bet On Superenalotto

To bet, you can buy tickets from Italy, or you can buy tickets from a global lottery tickets store. Of course, if you are from outside of Italy, you should seriously consider buying from a ticket from a global ticketing site. But if you are coming from Italy, you would be better off buying the game tickets in one of the official ticket sellers in Italy. This is because the participation fees of such websites global ticketing websites tend to be higher than the official ticket outlets.

The winning numbers of the Superenalotto are drawn from Lottomatica’s local lotto draws in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome (in that exact order). A Jolly Number is the taken from the Venice draw.

Superenalotto: Notes On Winning

Gamblers who match only five numbers can still win second prize in the draw if they match the Jolly Number. The odds of matching all six numbers in the Superenalotto are 1 in 622,614,630. The odds of matching 5 numbers plus the Jolly Number are 1 in 103,769,105. The odds of matching five numbers without the Jolly Number are 1 in 1,235,346. The odds of matching four numbers are 1 in 11,907 while the odds of matching three numbers are 1 in 327.

The highest payout for the Superenalotto thus far was in May 4, 2005, which was worth EUR72,000,000.

Living in the Philippines – Most Popular Beach Resort Retirement Areas of Foreigners

When it comes to retirement locations in the Philippines, one has many options – major urban cities, larger rural cities, beach resorts, mountain retreats. Each has its own unique and attractive features. The major advantage of retirement in a beach resort is are (i) exciting beach activities, (ii) ongoing “vacation” atmosphere, (iii) great entertainment and night life, (iv) continuous influx of foreign travelers, (v) numerous upscale hotels and related resort facilities, (vi) great airport accessibility, and (vi) yet small populations. In this category of retirement spots, the most popular are (i) Boracay Island, (ii) Mactan Island, (iii) Panglao Island, (iv) Subic Bay, (v) and Puerto Galera.


This is the most famous of all the beach resort areas in the Philippines. There are many 5 star resorts on this island and numerous bars and restaurants owned by foreigners. The sand is some of the best in the whole world, and the night life is supreme. However, it is crowded and overdeveloped like Waikiki and Miami Beach. It has a small permanent population of around 15,000 but a large daily population of tourists from around the world. It attracts travelers of all sorts – international sophisticates, Manila urbanites getting away, serious water enthusiasts, backpackers, and late night party animals. The downside of Boracay is that housing costs tend to run on the high side, more like the costs of housing in Manila. However, for a retiree looking for beach resort action, Boracay Island is the place to be.


This island is just adjacent to Cebu City, across a bridge, and in fact where the Cebu international and domestic airports are located. Like Boracay, Mactan too has sandy beaches, but not near the quality of those at Boracay. It also is packed with upscale 5 star hotels and resorts. Yet, whereas Boracay is more remote, accessibility is excellent and Mactan Island due to its proximity to Cebu. Additionally, there is a casino on Mactan Island for those who enjoy the addition of gambling to their retirement lifestyle.

Lliving on Mactan Island provides that resort atmosphere, due to all the resort hotels, yet it is close to great medical facilities and upscale shopping malls across the bridge in Cebu City. Housing costs are lower on Mactan than on Boracay.


This island is across a short bridge from the much larger island of Bohol, which is approximately a 1/12 hour fast-boat ferry ride from Cebu City, or a short airport ride from the Cebu domestic airport. Panglao Island has a population of around 60,000 and is generally associated with Alona Beach, a strip of resorts and dive centres on the southern side of the island. Diving is what draws tourists and retirees to Panglao Island.

There are many resorts and the cost of living is substantially less than on Mactan Island. On the down side of course is that the island is more remote and requires a boat or air trip to get to the medical and shopping facilities of Cebu City.


This area has rapidly become a favorite retirement area, especially for retired US military personnel and for Koreans. Until 1992, Subic Bay was the base for the huge 7th Fleet of the US Navy. These days it is in the process of being remolded into a tax free foreign trade zone and a modern tourist destination. A modern new superhighway was completed in 2008 which has cut the travel time from Manila by an hour. This provides great access to all that Manila has to offer, yet permits retirement in a smaller resort oriented community with all that has to offer. The population is now in excess of 200,000. The presence of Koreans is largely due to the construction in 2006 in Subic Bay of a large Korean shipbuilding plant. Housing costs have risen considerably in 2008 and 2009, yet they are significantly below Manila costs. There are lots of retired military people living in this location.


Puerto Galera, located just a few hours drive south of Manila, has a small population of around 30,000, and is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Divers especially visit there in droves. Diving is king at Puerto Galera, with drinking close second. Beaches are numerous, but they lack the real resort style white-sand. The area is known for its great diving and its great night life. Watering holes, music and all kinds of nightlife are everywhere in Puerto Galera. Cost of living and housing is on the low end in Puerto Galera, as compared to the other beach resort retirement areas.