With Archeology WoW Has Made the Game Even More Fun

With the new Cataclysm expansion by World Of Warcraft a new profession has been added, Archeology. By adding archeology WoW has enabled the players to uncover clues and pieces of the World of Warcraft’s intricately conceived and orchestrated history, improving the overall game play experience. Other secondary professions allow the player to gain buffs or enhance other skills. Archeology does not typically result in a buff or a skill enhancement. However, once a high level has been reached there is an opportunity to unearth rare and powerful items. While not terribly expensive it is time consuming to reach a high level in the this WoW professions.

Like most WoW professions Archeology is first learned in the capital from a profession trainer. Archeology must be learned in major cities. Unlike other WoW professions there are no trainers in the sticks. This can certainly put some wear and tear on ye olde hearthstone as a player will have to use it every time they want to improve their skill or purchase supplies. In archeology, Warcraft only requires that the player purchase a few supplies like a shovel to start. To begin with only a few archeology WoW sites will be available to the player, but this will increase as greater levels are attained. This profession is level adjusted. If the player goes to an area before they reach the proper level they will not be able to see any new sites until the proper level is reached.

The WoW Archeology map will not show up on the mini map. It can only be seen on the continent map. The player will have to go to the general area indicated on the continent map and then use the survey skill they have previously learned to find the appropriate spot to begin digging. A red indicator means the player is still too far away. Yellow means they are getting closer. Green means it’s time to stick the shovel in the dirt and get to digging. Each dig will gain the player a profession point. There are up to three points to be gained from each site.

Man players choose to use an archeology addon. These are fairly common in other WoW professions and archeology is no different. The archeology assistant is one such addon that will provide a list of dig sites, the level the must be completed in, and how to get there. Archy is another addon that provides a similar list. With archeology WoW has introduced a unique and fun aspect to the game.

Getting Published is a Numbers Game – How to Beat the Odds

I have to be honest: I hate blackjack. Poker? No thanks. Craps? Don’t even get me started. But what I do like is writing. Short stories, newspaper articles, feature film scripts…you name it, I’ve written it. But I’ve recently come to realize that my love of writing and my disdain for gambling must meet and make beautiful music together. Why? Because getting your work out to the world and, better yet, published is a crapshoot. To be a success, you’ve got to play the odds.

Being a writer means your livelihood depends on submitting manuscript after manuscript to a bevy of faceless names in far away cities. Why? So they can decide if they want to publish your words. Promoting yourself is a necessity. But what’s the hardest thing for most authors to do? Send out their work. It’s a depressing pain. I used to feel that way. I had written a television show for Fox as well as written and directed two short films. Next, I wanted to conquer the literary world. But

getting my book published or my article into the next issue of Vogue seemed a daunting task.

I wrote a carefully composed manuscript and thought that sending my precious baby out into the world a few times (okay, four) was enough. I assumed some editor somewhere was bound to see it and proclaim its genius to the whole editorial staff. What I wasn’t thinking about was that on the other side of the submission queue was a towering stack of manuscripts written by people just like me, who were just as talented as me, and the majority of whom would get rejected…just like me.

Unfortunately, the reality of writing for publication is that you will get rejected. A lot. Remember, even Joyce Carol Oates gets rejected. Mastering your craft is only a piece of the puzzle. Getting published is a numbers game. The only way to win it is to send out as much work as possible, as often as possible. Everyone starts out on ground zero: no contacts, no published clips, maybe

not even an MFA. As a writer, you need to prove yourself and build up your relationships, experience, and reputation piece by piece. Though I realize all this now, after a few years of sending out a hodge-podge of submissions, and none too consistently, I was frustrated. Then I had a writing epiphany. I realized I was approaching the rest of my life—my finances, my apartment hunt, even my relationships—with the dedication I wasn’t giving to the most important thing in my life: my writing career.

It wasn’t that I didn’t devote enough time to the actual craft of writing. On the contrary, I did it for hours on end, literally wearing through the “N” and “M” keys on my poor laptop. I had amassed volumes of material, yet success still eluded me. I thought about the time I was applying for jobs after college. I’d sent out hundreds of resumes at a time, spending hours faxing, emailing and following up. The hunt for employment actually became my job. Now, years later, it was time to treat writing with the same dedication and respect. But that’s the eternal writer’s Catch-22: I didn’t have time for another full-time job. Then lightening struck again: what if someone took away the drudgery of the submission process (the aimless Internet searching, the manuscript printing, the stamp-licking) so writers could get down to the business of writing? It would be a victory for scribes everywhere, because they could send out more work than ever. An efficient submission system is the Holy Grail hard-working authors the world over have been looking for.

Take a writer like J.K. Rowling: it’s easy to forget that Ms. Rowling sent her writing out for years, endured numerous rounds of rejection, and was even on welfare for a time. Now she’s literally richer than the Queen of England. Why?

Because she kept sending her work out.

She didn’t run out of steam after the fourth rejection or even the fortieth, she persevered. She stuck it out. J.K. Rowling stacked the odds in her favor and guess what? She hit the jackpot. Big time. And someday, so will you.