Northrend Bestiary

World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King has a new Bestiary that many players are quite excited about. In this informative guide, you will be introduced to the new creatures that will be released with this new game expansion that are considered to be “known” and some information on the three types of beasts that not so much is known about. If you want to have the advantage of what you will come up against in WotLK, this is guide for you!

Nerubian Vizier

This is a particularly interesting beast that is considered to be a half-humanoid and half-spider. These characters are said to be the main rulers in the underground kingdom of the Nerubians. Those that are considered to be Nerubians are part of a race that is considered to be not only ancient, but highly intelligent. Their native land is that of the ever-popular “Northrend”, a piece of land that drifted to the far north after the great Cataclysm. This rests underneath the popular kingdom that is known as “Azjol-Nerub”. This race once served under the control of the spiderlords that were Nerubian based. However, a great war occurred that is widely known as the “War of the Spider”, and they rose to power.

Due to the high level of intelligence that this particular race has, it is believed that they have a “secret” leader that instructs their moves, their laws, and other activities. It is believed that they keep this leader in the shadows to avoid bringing his existence into knowledge so that he cannot be overthrown or out witted by the Scourge. These creatures are planning to achieve victory over the Scourge.

Plague Eruptor

The Plague Eruptor is a type of walking corpse that works to spread devastation in the areas in which they visit. These terrifying characters are all part of the dreaded Scourge army that is working to destroy anything and everything in their path. While this type of character is incredibly violent, super fast, and has an unbelievable amount of strength, these characteristics are far from the most frightening ability that they have. These monstrous characters have nodules that contain the plague. When the nodules burst, it rapidly spreads the ominous sickness.

Shovel Tusks

The Shovel Tusks resemble what we know as the common moose, the only difference is that the antlers that they have on top of their head is curved back and they have tusks that they use to dig for food, and even protect themselves. These beasts have been said to be extremely territorial over their space, and will stop at absolutely nothing to protect their area from invaders.


These beasts are actually humanoid creatures. It is a tall creature that is relatively dense in size and works to protect the area that it resides in. In addition to this, there are two dangerous horns that actually emerge from the head of this ferocious beast. While it does reflect that of the standard orc, it is covered in fur to protect itself from the immensely cold temperatures and stands an average of about ten feet tall. While they are good at masking their location, and often reside in caves, they seem to lack basic intelligence, but have a violent temper.

Flesh Giant

The Flesh Giant is an immense creature that is literally created from an assortment of flesh pieces. In some instances, it is not uncommon to see that part of the overall composition of the beast is mechanical based. The pieces that make up the composition of this creature have been obtained from many different corpses. These beasts are enslaved to the individual that they serve, and exhibit a massive amount of strength.


In World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King, is a type of tauren that has adjusted to the cold climates that it lives in. Their home rests in the frozen wasteland to the North known as “Northrend”. While it is believed that their demeanor is largely due to the fact that they have learned to survive in the harshest conditions, it is important to know and understand that this type of creature has recently allied with the faction of the Horde.


The Jormungar is a very interesting beast that will be in the Wrath of the Lich King by World of Warcraft. This particular beast is especially aggressive. In times past, it is believed that these creatures served the Nerubians in the way of heavy labor and slave like work. However, when the empire of this people collapsed, these creatures made their escape to freedom. They are strong, and can adapt quickly to their environment.


These creatures are quite massive in size. The upper part of their body reflects a giant, while the lower part is that of a mammoth. These creatures are relatively strong, can adapt easily, and have been known to eat their own if the case calls for it. Often described as plain out “mean” this is a misunderstood beast that has had to work diligently to survive in the toughest of times.

Iron Dwarf

The ever-popular Iron Dwarf is a Dwarf that is composed of metal. It is common to see the cities and items that they create crafted of metal as well. It is believed that they are both dwarf and titan.

Unknown Beasts

The “Unknown” Beasts are that of the:

o    Darkfallen

o    Proto-Dragon

o    Ice Troll

Until the actual release of Wrath of the Lich King, little is known about the characters. Here, you have been introduced to the Wrath of the Lich King Bestiary by World of Warcraft. It is important to know and understand these beasts so that you may engage in productive game play once you experience this expansion for yourself.